Ultrasculpt Formulation

Due to its specific amino acid composition, and excellent bioavailability Ultra Sculpt stimulates fat and muscle metabolisms leading to optimal body toning and overall improved body composition. Our formula is suitable for professional athletes as it contains zero sports banned ingredients.

Unflavoured and easy to use simply dissolve 2 tablespoons in 150 ml to 250 ml of water or any low caloric beverage. Best taken as a post workout / recovery drink.




                                    PER 20 G                 PER 100 G

ENERGY      150 KJ / 36 KCAL     1500KJ / 360KCAL


PROTEIN                       19.5 G                         97 G

TOTAL FAT                    0 G                               0 G

- SATURATED                0 G                               0 G

CARBOHYDRATE           0 G                               0 G

TOTAL SUGARS             0 G                               0 G

SODIUM                        0.04 G                        0.2 G     


Contains Bovine (Beef)

Please be sure to email us images of your current skin and hair on info@therevivelab.com