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5 Reasons Why Revive Collagen is Essential for New Mothers

No one deserves to feel super gorgeous more than new mamas. You’ve spent nine months growing your little baba, now you’ve got sleepless nights, nappy changes and... postpartum skin and hair loss to contend with. ...

Why your skincare routine determines your skin health and youthfulness in the long run!

It’s easy when you're younger to dismiss skin products because hey… you are young and your skin still looks great! That’s because your skin is young and still producing the collagen to keep your skin...

Looking for a pure protein powder to reach those healthy muscle goals?

Ultra Sculpt is ​​clinically verified high-performance specialised Bioactive Collagen Peptides. We know it… there are a lot of proteins out there in the market, and it is definitely tricky knowing which one to use, however,...

Why You Should Add a Collagen Supplement to Your Beauty Routine

  Collagen may be one of those ingredients that is seemingly taking over skincare, and for good reason - it has many beneficial properties both for the body and the skin.   First, let's go...

How does Collagen affect your hair health, growth and maintenance?

Here are some science-backed benefits of collagen for hair.

1.Supports hair follicle growth and rejuvenation.

Hair is mainly made up of keratin and structural lipids, The main amino acid in keratin is proline, which is readily found in collagen supplements.