Slim & Go Oceanglo

Designed to help you look and feel your very best at every age. Revive’s Natural Marine Bioactive Collagen peptides supports the natural ageing process. A powerhouse for healthy, youthful-looking skin, thick hair and strong nails.

Oceanglo Natural Marine Bioactive Collagen is a collagen peptide supplement made from sustainably-sourced fish skin. Revive’s hydrolysed marine collagen has been activated to boost absorption and stimulate fresh collagen production.

Designed to easily adopt into your daily routine, our Natural Marine Collagen is clinically proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity.

Revive’s Ultra Lean Premium Collagen Protein Shakeis an extraordinary blend, scientifically formulated to support weight management, body toning, and your inherent beauty. This advanced formula contains a blend of premium protein with our clinically proven Ultra Sculpt multifunctional body toning and sculpting collagen peptides, digestive enzymes, L-carnitine, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid for enhanced protein absorption, joint support, muscle recovery and fat metabolism.

With a delightful creamy vanilla milkshake flavour , Revive Ultra Lean Weight Loss & Toning Protein Shake empowers your journey towards a more sculpted you.

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