Skin and Sculpt


Marine Collagen is Type 1 Collagen, derived from fish scales and skin. Type 1 Collagen from Marine sources are highly bioavailable (meaning it is extremely well absorbed and used by the body) with a smaller peptide molecular size than Type 3, giving it the support it needs to glow.


  • Healthy bones.
  • Helps support vital organs.
  • Amino acids that show your skin, hair, nails and joints some love.
  • Skin, skin, skin. Our skin tissue is predominantly made up of Type 1 collagen fibres. Actually, 80% of the skin’s dermis layer collagen is Type 1, meaning it is super important for the integrity, hydration and elasticity of the skin, our biggest organ!


  •  Loved by women and men for amazing skin, hair and nail support.
  • Beauty and aesthetics goals.
  • Great to aid with people who experience issues and need support with their gut and digestion.
  • Perfect for pescatarians or those who do not eat red meat products.



Revive Ultra Sculpt Multifunctional Body and Muscle Toner is a pure protein powder that is made up of clinically verified high performance specialized Bioactive Collagen Peptides designed to decrease fat mass , increase lean muscle mass and provide more muscle strength to one’s body in combination with resistance training.

Due to its specific amino acid composition, and excellent bioavailability Ultra Sculpt stimulates fat and muscle metabolisms leading to an overall improved body composition.

Product Benefits:
  • Improvement of body composition
  • Increasing lean mass (muscle mass)
  • Decreasing fat mass (fat)
  • Accelerate the process of recovery from muscle damage induced by intense exercise
  • Supports overall musculoskeletal health
  • Improves overall joint and bone strength
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Pain Alleviating

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