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Marine Collagen is Type 1 Collagen, derived from fish scales and skin. Type 1 Collagen from Marine sources are highly bioavailable (meaning it is extremely well absorbed and used by the body) with a smaller peptide molecular size than Type 3, giving skin the support it needs to glow.


  • Healthy bones.
  • Helps support vital organs.
  • Amino acids that show your skin, hair, nails and joints some love.
  • Skin, skin, skin. Our skin tissue is predominantly made up of Type 1 collagen fibres. Actually, 80% of the skin’s dermis layer collagen is Type 1, meaning it is super important for the integrity, hydration and elasticity of the skin, our biggest organ!


  •  Loved by women and men for amazing skin, hair and nail support.
  • Beauty and aesthetics goals.
  • Great to aid with people who experience issues and need support with their gut and digestion.
  • Perfect for pescatarians or those who do not eat red meat products.



Type 1 and 3 Bovine collagen peptides. These are the most abundant types of collagen in the human body (type 1 being the most prominent), with collagen being a vital component of connective tissues!


Type 3 -plays a key role in the movement and strength of elastic tissues, including organs such as the heart, blood vessels, intestinal walls, and lungs. Both type 1 and 3 are amazing boss workers in the field of skin, tendon, coating on teeth, cartilage, ligaments and bone cell growth and repair


  • Strong hair, glowing skin, healthy nails.
  • Gut and joint support
  • Helping improve recovery time


    • Great for both men and women who are into sports, fitness & who need support recovering from adventures.
    • Great for those who have fish allergies.

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