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How does Collagen affect your hair health, growth and maintenance?

How does Collagen affect your hair health, growth and maintenance?

Here are some science-backed benefits of collagen for hair.

1.Supports hair follicle growth and rejuvenation.

Hair is mainly made up of keratin and structural lipids, The main amino acid in keratin is proline, which is readily found in collagen supplements.

2.Through healthy hair follicles, the early onset of greys is reduced.

 Our hair going grey is a natural part of aging, but this loss of pigment is a result of the amount of oxidative stress. By providing your hair with natural ingestible collagen your hair health starts at the root and follows through with growth.

3. It May be beneficial to the scalp

Because your scalp is made up of skin and the support structure of hair follicles, it’s important to keep this part of your skin healthy, factors such as sun exposure and shampoos and conditioners also affect the health of your scalp. The natural collagen layer under our skin helps hold the hair follicles in place, reducing the amount of hair loss.

4.Stimulates hair growth by providing essential compounds

Although not a component of hair, collagen helps with the production of keratin  which makes about 95% of our hair. As a result collagen peptides can help create the protein that makes and supports hair growth.

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