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Designed to help you look and feel your very best at every age. Revive’s Natural Marine Bioactive Collagen peptides supports the natural ageing process. A powerhouse for healthy, youthful-looking skin, thick hair and strong nails.



Our unflavoured Oceanglo formula is made with natural marine collagen.  No additives, sugars or fillers , purely potent.


Our bioactive natural marine collagen is activated through a natural state of the art hydrolysation process. So our peptides are small in weight – and potent in impact with high bioavailability.

Enzymes break raw collagen down into a low-weight peptide powder (from about 300,000 Daltons to as low as 1500). It’s highly bioavailable with an absorption rate over 95% and an absorption peak at 0.5 to 1 hour after ingestion.


Oceanglo Collagen is highly soluble in hot and cold water, neutral in taste and odour and is heat stable up to 300 Degrees Celsius. Whether you stir into cool water or your morning coffee, it’s just as potent and effective.


As the number 1 professional nutraceutical brand in South Africa. We are setting the industry benchmark for low impact collagen sourcing. We source our marine collagen peptides responsibly under strict sustainability standards of the Marine Stewardship council and the best aquaculture practices . These internationally recognised agencies establish stringent guidelines to ensure our partnered suppliers are environmentally and socially responsible. 


Every batch of marine collagen is tested for heavy metals, mercury and other contaminants. So it’s not just effective, but safe -100% free of antibiotics, hormones and preservatives with full traceability. 



                                        PER 12 G                 PER 100 G

ENERGY                 184 KJ / 43 KCAL           1530 KJ / 360 KCAL

PROTEIN                       11G                            90 G

TOTAL FAT                    0 G                               0 G

- SATURATED                0 G                               0 G

CARBOHYDRATE           0 G                               0 G

TOTAL SUGARS             0 G                               0 G

SODIUM                        29 MG                     250 MG     




Natural Bioactive Marine

There are many different collagen peptides on the market today, and not all collagen peptides are made in the same way or with the same care for the planet. At Revive we want to be sure that our products are of premium quality, and that our products and processes positively impact the planet and society. Together with our partnered suppliers we share the Marine Stewardship Council’s vision of oceans teaming with life, for this and future generations and to protect not only fish populations, but also ocean habitats, coastal fishing communities, and economies. The fish we use for our Oceanglo Marine collagen are wild-caught and supplied exclusively by fisheries certified by the MSC.

When it comes to collagen supplements, the way our raw materials are prepared is far more important than the species of fish. That’s because your body recognises nutrients, not their source. In this case, its the specific amino acids, or the chains of peptides that make up protein. 

We hydrolyse our marine collagen using a specific enzymatic hydrolysis process and this is done in France with the world leaders in hydrolysation so you get the most bioavailable supplement with the correct amino acid profile.Every batch is tested for heavy metals, purity and safety to pass the highest standards of European Regulations.

Just like topical skincare there’s no one size fits all- age, external factors such as diet and sun exposure , level of activity and hormonal imbalances all contribute to how quickly our natural collagen banks are depleted, generally one single serve daily (12g ) is all you need to reveal your glow however if you’d like a more personalised daily routine, we’re here to assist.

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We promise to deliver the most rigorously scientifically tested products in the neutraceutical space in South Africa. We create products designed to make you look and feel good.

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We import our own raws and spend years testing or formulations to ensure they are the best possible product for our consumers. Because we take looking and feeling good, seriously.

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