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Why your skincare routine determines your skin health and youthfulness in the long run!

Why your skincare routine determines your skin health and youthfulness in the long run!

It’s easy when you're younger to dismiss skin products because hey… you are young and your skin still looks great! That’s because your skin is young and still producing the collagen to keep your skin looking firm. This being said your collagen production starts declining from around the age of 20! So everything you put on your skin and in your body counts. 

That's why we look at ingredients that enhance, hydrate, and protect the skin keeping your external dermal skin layer balanced by taking ingestibles over applying solely skin product. Through taking an ingestible like our skin radiance the body absorbs these minerals which targets your skin as a whole as opposed to just your face. Revive Lab’s Skin Radiance is  a unique combination of active ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and carotenoids addresses the root causes of a dull, discoloured skin caused by excess melanin production.

Potent ingredients such as SkinAX2™, Vitamin C, Astrion™,Verbasnol™, Carotenoids,  Glutathione and Zinc give your skin the active ingredients to repair and hydrate giving your skin that ultimate glow. For anyone concerned with melasma pigmentation, dark spots, post-acne marks, dullness or discoloured skin caused by excess melanin production Skin Radiance is for you.

Taking these ingredients daily provides the constant replenishment of compounds that promote healthy skin, losing collagen and a lack of these ingredients will enable a faster aging process, that’s why starting your skin care earlier will only mean the best skin later!

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